What to do if you get a stone chip in your paint?

Taking care of the outside of your car is just as important as maintaining the mechanical aspects of it.  A well maintained car can get upto 40% more on resale.  The paint of your car is just like the skin on our body.

When you get a stone chip from a rock it’s a good idea to “seal the wound” especially if it goes down to the metal.  If it goes to the metal, water could get in and start to cause rusting.  The rust will eventually start to spread.  If your vehicle is leased it could cause you to pay more money to have the rust repaired when you return it.

Many places sell vehicle touch up paint but in a pinch you could use clear nail polish!

BTW- did you know you should wax your car twice a year if you want to keep the paint looking vibrant.   This is especially true with red cars.


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