What does ABS stand for and what does it do?

ABS is part of your braking system and it stands for Anti Lock Brakes.

There are two ways to tell whether you have ABS brakes.  There will be a light on your dash when you start your car up and then it goes out and if you brake really hard you will feel a pulsation from the brake pedal.

If the light is permanently on the dash that means there is a problem with one of the sensors and should be looked at.  Your brakes still work but your ABS is not.

ABS allows you to brake and steer at the same time, provided you look where you want to go!  It allows you to do this by pulsating the brakes.  Essentially it is locking and unlocking the brakes therefore helping the tires to rotate rather than locking up like in the “old” days.


If your ABS light is on your dash putting black tape over it won’t make the problem go away :)





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