Winter Tires Vs All Season Tires

“Winter tires are like us putting winter boots on our feet.”

In many parts of the US an all season tire is fine.  However, for most of Canada we should all be investing in a set of winter tires.  Our all season tire becomes hard like a hockey put at +7 Celsius.  This greatly reduces the grip of the tire on the road.  When you put winter tires on your car it should be 4 or nothing.  Putting two tires on the drive wheels is the worst thing you can do especially if you drive a front wheel drive vehicle.  A good rule of thumb is Halloween to Easter for your winter tires.  This is something you want to be proactive on and don’t wait for the first snow fall to try and get them put on.  Some shops will store your tires for you but be prepared to pay a fee for this.  If you finally decide to purchase a set of winter tires and you’ve never had them before you’ll wish you had of done it 20 years ago.  They make that much of a difference!  They are a softer compound and this is what allows them to grip the road at cold temperature.

It’s also a good idea to purchase a set of steel wheels and keep your winter tires permanently mounted on them.  The bead of the tire doesn’t like to be stretched on change overs and it will also be less labour if they are already mounted.

Note: Your tire isn’t a winter tire if it doesn’t have the mountain with a snowflake symbol on it.





This lady told me how her husband puts winter tires on his vehicle but doesn’t on her van.  He was going to be in big trouble when he got home that night. 




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