Tire Pressure?

Tires are the only thing we have in contact with the road so it is important we take care of them, yet many of us hardly ever check our tire pressures.

Tires on average lose a pound of pressure a month and under inflated tires are the biggest reason for blow outs on the highway.  Under inflated tires also reduce your fuel economy and wear out the outer edges prematurely.  When you check your tires it should be in the morning and before you drive so that you get an accurate reading.  The reason for this is that the air in your tires has water molecules and when you drive the water evaporates and this is what expands your tire pressure.

Where do you find the proper tire pressure rating for your vehicle?  The main location is on the driver’s side door or the pillar.  There will be a sticker with numbers like 200 kpa or 30 psi.  You always want to use the psi number as this is what the automotive industry uses.

If you don’t locate the sticker inside the driver’s side door here are other locations to check: 

General Motors- open up the trunk lid
German cars- inside the gas cap door
Volvo- inside the gas cap door
Toyota- inside the glove box
Nissan- inside the center arm rest
Kia- passenger side door

The pressure could be different from front to rear of the vehicle and you may also see different pressures for if you are carrying more than 2 people or have a different tire size on your vehicle.

A lot of people think you go by the tire pressure number located on the sidewall of the tire.  You never go by this number as it is a maximum tire pressure.  When the tire is produced by the manufacturer they don’t know what vehicle it is going on so they put a maximum only.

You should always keep a tire pressure gauge inside your vehicle as the gauges at gas stations are notoriously inaccurate.





I was in Calgary for work a few years ago doing a car check event and this guy came up to have his car checked out.  When I checked his tire pressures they were reading 80 PSI!  They were supposed to be somewhere around 30 and the maximum tire pressure was around 50PSI.  So I asked him why he had his tire pressures so high and he said that he thought he would get better fuel mileage.  He’s lucky the tire didn’t blow up and all he was really doing was wearing out the center of the tire as this is what happens when your tires are over inflated.




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