Fuel pump

When I think of a fuel pump I think of what I had on my race car which was attached to the engine. In most modern vehicles the fuel pump is located in the gas tank of the vehicle.  In this case you should try to keep your gas tank above ¼ tank.  Some people are guilty of going down to the gas light on a regular basis :)  The reason you don’t want the gas tank to go super low on a consistent basis is that the gas actually helps to keep the fuel pump running cool.  When the pump runs hot this is extra wear and tear on it and if you’ve ever had to change a fuel pump you know that this can be a costly repair.





The gas level indicator on a fuel pump looks just like the back of a toilet.

When I was racing I had a crash and hit the wall pretty hard.  The fuel pump on my race car was attached to the engine and it came off and a fire started under the hood because of the extreme heat.  It was a bit of a tense moment seeing flames come out and trying to get out of a race car that I was all strapped into.




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