Engine Coolant colours

Engine coolant can come in many colours.  In addition to this there is also regular coolant and  long life coolant. Coolant can be green, orange, pink, blue and purple to name a few. So it is important to know what you take in your vehicle.  If you don’t know, ask your technician.  If you have a puddle of coolant on your driveway make sure you get it cleaned up as many coolants are highly toxic to animals and especially dogs, as they are attracted to the sweet smell and taste of it.  I always say kitty litter works well!

The green coolant which is quite common is good for approximately 80,000 kms and the Orange coolant which is called long life coolant is good for approximately 160,000 kms.   I always suggest referring to the professionals when it comes to dealing with coolants.  Sometimes when we try to do things ourselves we can create larger problems.









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