Transmission Fluid

If you were to go into your repair facility and say you had a puddle of red fluid under your vehicle, chances are they are going to start looking at the transmission.   Automatic transmission fluid looks like cranberry juice when it is new.  When it is time to change it, it will look like red wine.

Some vehicles still have transmission dipsticks which are typically located on the drivers side of the engine and will be red in colour.  It is a different process to check your transmission so I would suggest leaving it up to the pros.  However, if you must check it then make sure the vehicle is warmed up and with it running pull the dipstick out, wipe it off, re-insert it and pull it out again, and look to see if it comes up to the full level.  You could also smell it to see if it smells burnt or look for particles in it.  Many transmissions no longer have a dipstick so following the manufacturers recommended guidelines is important.  A general guideline is 50,000kms.

With a manual transmission the process is somewhat different and the vehicle needs to be put up on the hoist so the technician can get at the plug.  I wouldn’t suggest doing this yourself, besides how many people have a hoist in their garage :)





I was giving a clinic and a lady told me that she thought she had been checking her oil diligently and it turns out she was actually checking her transmission fluid!




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