Synthetic vs Regular Oil

There is always great debate over this.  Some vehicles require synthetic oil and you must run it.  For example, I drive a Porsche 911 GT3 and synthetic oil is required and…… it takes 11 litres.  So you can imagine how much an oil change costs me :)

Synthetic oil was first developed for jet engines because it doesn’t break down at high temperatures.  It was first introduced into the automotive industry in 1972.    This oil is superior at very high and very low temperatures.  So if you live in an area where you experience this than it could be a good investment.

If you are diligent about doing your oil changes at 3 months/ 5,000 kms then in most vehicles you will be fine.  Some shops will suggest at around 120,000kms you switch to a “high mileage oil”.  This oil has different additives in it to help keep some of the o-rings supple.




When I ask people how they know if they have synthetic oil or not, the response I quite often get is my technician told me I have synthetic.  Synthetic oil will always cost more money so that’s another way to tell  Although the oil manufacturers tell you that you should change synthetic oil on the same frequency as regular oil my personal opinion is that you can extend the oil change interval.  If regular oil is 5000 kms, with synthetic you can go to 7500 kms and be safe.





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