Why you should check your oil?

Oil is like the life blood of your engine and it needs taking care of.  It will also give back to you with better fuel economy and a long running life.  Engines burn oil naturally and as the vehicle gets older it will burn more oil.  Before you go on a road trip you should take a few minutes to check the oil since on some vehicles you won’t be able to make it between oil changes without checking it and possibly adding oil.  When you check your oil you are looking for two things.  First, if it comes up to the full mark, and secondly how dark it is.  If the oil level is down you should add some and if it is dark it could mean that you are close to needing an oil change.  The exception to this would be a diesel engine where the oil goes black right away.



I’ve heard a few stories through out the days and the one that comes to mind is of a girl who bought an Acura Integra and she didn’t know she was supposed to check her oil or even change it.  So guess what happened…………her engine seized up and her cheque book got a work out. :)

Not too long ago I was giving a ladies car care clinic and a participant was checking her oil and it was barely touching the dipstick and she said to me “now I know why my dad wanted me to check my oil.  I still have 2,000 kms before I need to change it.”  This participant obviously will need to add oil to her engine between oil changes if she wants it to last for her.




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